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Steam Group: Bot Account:
Frequently Asked Questions
Terms of Service:
As this is a new creation, expect some minor issues, if they are major PLEASE REPORT THEM. Contact Either Apollo or Trahax. If the issues are major and need changing instantly rewards may be given out!
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Steam Group: Bot Account:
Frequently Asked Questions
Terms of Service:
As this is a new creation, expect some minor issues, if they are major PLEASE REPORT THEM. Contact Either Apollo or Trahax. If the issues are major and need changing instantly rewards may be given out!
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[OFFICIAL] ThinkpadsForSale Confirmed Trade Thread

I have yet to complete the auditing and fairing in "the previous confirmed trades thread"], but will update in both of them when that process is complete.
Last update: Early evening, 12 October 2020 (PDT)
Post your confirmed buy/sell/trades below, When confirming a post type "Confirmed" only (nothing else) because of the convention, and because if you don't, we won't be able to confirm your trades and give you cool flairs :(
A REMINDER: GO AND UPDATE YOUR FLAIRS TO PURCHASED / SOLD once the trade/sale/buy completes. Also, make a fair when you post -- or else when we have a bot, it will stop you from publishing your posts! (Posts not set with flair within 5 minutes of posting are technically eligible to be marked Sold / Purchased / Traded by any moderator, please see rule 5 for more details.)
If any mods requests proof, please send a modmail (message to the subreddit) including the following:
Examples (previous thread of the last six months):
A simplified version of the same warning from previous threads:
(1) Any Reddit user can impersonate any eBay seller -- perhaps use eBay's messaging system to verify
(2) If you are scammed the following platforms will rarely-to-likely-never refund you:
Please beware if using one of these payment methods.
(3) The suggested platform for buying is still via PayPal.
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[WTS] Silver Satori Bars

Howdy all! These bars are hand poured and finished by me from .999 silver shot or bullion
7ozt hammered rectangle $229 SOLD
5ozt Rippled Kit Kat $163.60 SOLD
5ozt Rippled Loaf $163.60
.56ozt Antiqued Matte Button $18.32 SOLD
30g Antiqued Matte Ripple bar $31.50
My Correct feedback can be found here. The "-" in my user name breaks the bot
Paypal F&F no comments, Zelle, venmo, and bitcoin. Trusted and established members can pay with Check, MO, or discreet cash at my discretion. Will also possibly trade for .999 silver of gold (for melting, no high premium stuff please), also at my discretion.
Shipping is $4 for first class bubble mailer with tracking. $8 for priority flat rate box
Thanks for looking!
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Get Started with The Crypto Genius

Get Started with The Crypto Genius
nce a person starts using the Ethereum Code, he/she does not have to employ any other technical indicator or strategies of their own since the application takes care of the rest. All that one has to do is routinely monitor the performance of the bot and see that the trading parameters that had been set beforehand are left as they are.ditionally, the video also carries a message from Marc Weston, the CEO of Ethereum Code, in which he speaks about the core idea underlying the product. In his own words, the idea to create Ethereum Code came to him after he started talking to one of his office colleagues who had been able to amass quite a massive fortune by investing in Bitcoin at the turn of the last decade.
Let's review Ethereum Code bot and see if the automatic cryptocurrency trading platform is a scam or it is a legit software program that can truly produce real profits.
ditionally, the video also carries a message from Marc Weston, the CEO of Ethereum Code, in which he speaks about the core idea underlying the product. In his own words, the idea to create Ethereum Code came to him after he started talking to one of his office colleagues who had been able to amass quite a massive fortune by investing in Bitcoin at the turn of the last decade.
Let's review Ethereum Code bot and see if the automatic cryptocurrency trading platform is a scam or it is a legit software program that can truly produce real profits
ame of Marc Weston. In his own words, prior to creating this novel trading bot, he worked as a backend staff member for a number of different multinational software corporations. However, he then decided to ditch his 9-5 career in favor of becoming a full-time crypto trader. Whether or not the validity behind Marc Weston is real or not remains to be seen as there is not much information made available to research more about his story and credentialsStep 1: Account Creation
As with any exchange platform. Ethereum Code also requires users to create their personal trading account. To do this, one has to click on the ‘start now’ button located at the top right side of the app’s landing page. Following this, users need to fill out their details (such as name, email address, country of residence, etc).

Before submitting any money into the app, users are provided with an opportunity to run a full trial of the algorithms that govern the trading bot. In order to do this, all one has to do is go and click on the “Go to Demo”. Following this, the platform will automatically take you to a simulation zone where you will be given $1,500 worth of virtual funds. These funds can then be used for trading in real-life market conditions without any risks. The entire process is quite simple and it is recommended that the bot be left to do its thing for a period of at least 30 to 45 minutes.
Once the aforementioned demo trading phase has concluded, users can proceed to deposit funds into their personal Ethereum Code accounts (given that they are satisfied with the overall efficacy of the platform first). In order to make a deposit, one has to click on the “Go to Live” button and then proceed with the deposit. Once the process has been initiated, users will be sent a message from the app’s admin staff. The entire process is quite streamlined but a deposit can take a few days to execute
Step 4: Start the Trading Process
Once all of the initial formalities are done, users can start using Ethereum Code by simply clicking on the red “Off” button under the “Auto Trading” tab. As soon as this is done, the app starts to source out the best available trade opportunities available at that given moment.
What Makes Ethereum Code Bot Better Than Others?
While none of this is factually provable upon reviewing The Ethereum Bot trading service, here is what the official website claims:
(i) Easy to use: When compared to a number of other similar products available in the market today, Ethereum Code is extremely simple and straightforward to use
(al any details related to their credit/debit cards or Paypal account.
As a quick recap on the trending automated cryptocurrency trading software platform, let's answer the most pressing questions about Ethereum Code Bot
A: The Ethereum Code Bot claims to be an automated trading software that analyzes current trading trends in the market using a state-of-the-art algorithm that automatically makes trading bets on your behalf. The accuracy, legitimacy and veracity of the Ethereum Code is largely unproven and unfounded despite the numerous claims of producing real results and profits for users.

A: According to the official website, the Ethereum Code trading bot says the sky is the limit about profits it can earn for traders. Depending on the initial amount deposited, users are expected to earn daily profits which is all outlined in the members area. While the Ethereum Bot makers boldly state and would like to have you believe thousands of dollars are possible a day, it is likely not a reality for the majority if any. However, one might suspect some profit is available given the glorification of their trading bot software but it is a buyer beware opportunity to say the least. High risk, medium reward is possibly another way of putting it.: Apparently this amazing auto-trading bot is free to use for all users. It is unclear how much the full Ethereum Code software service price is despite being free to
While there is never a magic software that can help investors get rich overnight, Ethereum Code seems to be a risky yet semi-legit tool that can allow users to maximize their crypto returns in the easiest, most hassle-free manner possible.

To start making use of the ‘ground-breaking, automated cryptocurrency trading application', all one has to do is go to the official company website and follow the instructions that have been outlined there. The entire process is quite simple and should not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Just beware of the inherent risks in using an automated trading platform and service, as either are capable of failing and disappearing overnight.

From using the actual Ethereum Code bot trading service and it being a scam to losing money on its automated investments, either are both possibilities that everyone should keep in mind if opting to try the Ethereum Code. There are other opportunities that may fit the scope of what your goals and needs are in terms of generating cryptocurrency profits like The Investment of the Decade and Crypto Income Quarterly that may be exactly what you are looking for versus using the automated crypto trading bot service, the Ethereum Code.
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[OFFICIAL] ThinkpadsForSale Confirmed Trade Thread

Most the audits are already closed out (thanks guys), one is pending a very slow USPS delivery, and all of ChitWhitley's posts were not counted for flair, as they are all pending verification.
Last update: Early evening, 18 April 2020 (PDT)
Post your confirmed buy/sell/trades below, When confirming a post type "Confirmed" only (nothing else) because of the convention, and because if you don't, we won't be able to confirm your trades and give you cool flairs :(
A REMINDER: GO AND UPDATE YOUR FLAIRS TO PURCHASED / SOLD once the trade/sale/buy completes. Also, make a fair when you post -- or else when we have a bot, it will stop you from publishing your posts! (Posts not set with flair within 5 minutes of posting are technically eligible to be marked Sold / Purchased / Traded by any moderator, please see rule 5 for more details.)
If any mods requests proof, please send a modmail (message to the subreddit) including the following:
Examples (previous thread of the last six months):
A simplified version of the same warning from previous threads:
(1) Any Reddit user can impersonate any eBay seller -- perhaps use eBay's messaging system to verify
(2) If you are scammed the following platforms will rarely-to-likely-never refund you:
Please beware if using one of these payment methods.
(3) The suggested platform for buying is still via PayPal.
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Electronic payment methods other than PayPal G&S are now banned.

April 2020 Update: With the new bot in place, users with **more than 10 trades** can use EMT, Bitcoin, etc. This number is subject to change as we refine the rules.
Hello folks!
We've seen a bit of an uptick in high-dollar-value scams in the last few weeks. Almost every single one has a common feature: The scammer wants to be paid via something other than PayPal Goods and Services (usually EMT). This is because PayPal G&S is currently the only electronic payment method in Canada with even somewhat reliable transaction reversals in the case of scams.
As such, we're following /hardwareswap's lead and banning all electronic payment methods other than PayPal Goods and Services. This includes PayPal Friends and Family, EMT/Etransfer, dogecoin, rare memes, etc. The only exception to this rule is cash for local deals.
You can consider this a trial rule - we'll see how it goes, and we can make adjustments as necessary. When we finally get the confirmed trades bot up and going (sorry, been a busy few weeks for me) we may look into relaxing this rule for users with significant rep.
If you see posts (created after this one) that break this rule please report them! We wont be banning users for not seeing the new rules or anything, but we will remove posts and encourage users to repost with correct payment info.
If a user who said they'd accept PayPal G&S tries to convince you to accept something else over PMs, report it immediately! It's almost certainly a scam.
Your friendly neighborhood neighbourhood /canadianhardwareswap mod team
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[META] PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!!! Rules v3.0 & the Introduction of Your New Overlord!

Hey, /pmsforsale! It's time to update the rules again. The entire point is to make this community better and safer for everyone involved.
NEW RULES v3.0!!!
With the addition of a new shiny bot (SuperShinyBot), we figured it was time for some new rules.
First, "Trade completed!" is the new call to get points. Your flair will now look something like: "S: 129 | B: 0". Where "S" stands for trades as a seller, and "B" stands for sales as a buyer. There are three different colors (if you're on old reddit). Red, silver, and gold. These colors only apply to your seller points. If you have <10, you're labeled red, even if you've done hundreds of transactions as a buyer. This means to proceed with caution. 10-99 is silver, which means you're a regular, and gold is for 100+. Really, red is the important one.
Please note that it is "Trade completed!" We are changing that, because we only want you to initiate the bot after the buyer has received their goods, and is happy. If you’re caught abusing this, we will hand out a ban.
Here's an example of how it would work:
  1. Buyer comments in WTS post
  2. BuyeSeller reach agreement
  3. Buyer Pays
  4. Seller ships
  5. Buyer messages Seller when package arrives/is happy
  6. Seller comments on Buyer's comment with "Trade completed!"
  7. Buyer and Seller leave Feedback
The most common question that will more than likely be asked: But what about the last two years? Do I get points for that??? No. Why? Let's pretend like those two years never happened and that this is a new sub, okay? Thank you! Realistically, I'm paying out of my pocket for this bot, and on top of that, it could easily be manipulated anyway. Yes, it sucks. You, like me, would have many more points if he was working for the last two years.
Older user's points were automatically converted to seller points. I am aware that this is a flawed system, but if you've been here for the last two years and you haven't scammed someone yet, then chances are you aren't going to. But as always, proceed with caution.
Secondly, in three to six months (this hasn't been decided yet), there are going to be major rule changes. I'm not going to go into detail, but the changes are to prevent scammers. But one thing I can assure you? You're all going to hate them. Start forging your sharpest pitchforks.
Third, posts have to start with [WTS], [WTT], or [WTB]. All others will be automatically removed by your new overlord. This is because he is setup to award buyer and seller points based on this tag. Cancer-Cheater, what about [META] posts? Well, they'll be removed. Send a PM to the mod team, and we will respond and if we feel it is appropriate, we will approve it.
Why all these rule changes?? Because I'm fucking lazy, and want SuperShinyBot to do the heavy lifting.
Fourth. No more cross posts! At all! The reason being is that we have different rules and a different system from /coins4sale.
Additionally, once a year, Cancer-Cheater will be creating a post asking for donations to keep this bot running. I would appreciate if you could all support it. I would do PayPal, or silver donations and I'll pay it myself. It looks like it’ll be between $7 and $14 a month.
My sincerest apologies for this taking so long; I'm aware this is long overdue.
With all that said, SuperShinyBot should now be live.
Rules v2.0: (just copy and pasted from the old META post)
Unless it is posted here, any other rule of this sub remain the same.
Rule Changes and Adjustments
New Rules: We’ve decided to allow the selling of bullion related items! A lot of you have asked about it, and we’ve decided it is a good idea. I’m sure this will need some fine tuning, but for now, we are keeping it as bullion related. For instance, capsules, books, albums, or storage. Bullion related items have to be sold along with bullion. We are making this a requirement so /pmsforsale doesn’t become swamped with WTS threads for bullion related items.
Want to Buy [WTB] posts: You can now only post one WTB post every 48 hours.
Want to Sell [WTS] posts: WTS posts are to be made ONCE every 48 hours. For clarification, when your last WTS post reads “submitted 2 days ago by XXXX”, that means it has been 48 hours. If you have more items for sale, please update your flair if it hasn’t been 48 hours. Since this has been an issue as of late, if you post another WTS/WTT thread within 48 hours of your previous one we will remove the new one, and you won’t be able to post another for 48 hours from the time that your new thread was posted. Repeat offenders will be handled on a case by case basis.
Proof Pictures: For every WTS thread, you are required to provide at least one proof picture. This proof picture has to have a handwritten note with today’s date AND your username. We know it can be a hassle, but even if you posted two days ago, you have to post an updated photo.
RULE CHANGE: For now on, unless the item is sealed, for example, a tube of coins, we are asking that you remove them from the tube for the proof picture, and for sealed tubes, we ask that you place it on its side when taking a picture, so we know there are coins in it. Same goes for bullion that comes in government packaging (proof eagles, for example).
Want to Trade [WTT] posts: Just like a WTS post, you have to provide a proof picture of all the items you’re wanting to trade, and you can only make one post every 48 hours. The same proof pictures apply to a WTT thread. We do not allow WTT posts of people trading non bullion items for bullion.
Copper Bullion: Because of the interest shown in this lately, we've decided to allow copper bullion.
Rule Change: Copper bullion is now permitted - this includes things like SBSS/Zombucks rounds, copper bars, etc. As before, copper pennies sold in bulk and as bullion will still be allowed. Numismatic base metal coins (cents, nickels, etc.) are still NOT acceptable.
As a clarification, since there's been some confusion all around about this - packaged sets of coins that contain base metal coins alongside silvegold coins ARE allowed. (e.g., proof sets with silver coins, Coin and Chronicles sets, etc.)
Payments: If someone posts a WTS or WTT thread, and they want to accept gift cards, we will allow that. But you cannot post that you have gift cards or other items for trade for bullion. Typical payments are PayPal, Google Wallet, cryptocurrencies, check, cashier’s check, and money order.
Recommended Practices:
Let me start off by saying that these are simply recommended practices, and not rules of this subreddit.
For any transaction, a level of trust is required. Check /pmsfeedback to see feedback for any user you're considering a transaction with. You may also use the flair next to their name in this subreddit - however, understand that this is only an indication of volume of transactions, and does not take into account how the transaction went, only that it was initiated.
Be sure you're satisfied with the security of the deal before sending funds or metals to another user. If you're not entirely satisfied, do not hesitate to ask to use a secure payment method, such as Paypal Goods & Services, or to ask a trusted member to serve as an escrow - or whatever else you deem necessary. If you can't come to terms that make both parties feel comfortable, just wait for another opportunity.
Just as a reminder, the mods of /pmsforsale do not vouch for any particular user or guarantee any transaction. That's entirely between the parties of any particular deal, so be sure you do your own due diligence and make sure YOU are comfortable with any risk you choose to take. While the overwhelming majority of transactions that have taken place here have gone off without a hitch, remember that all transactions here are done at your own risk.
Suggested layout for creating a WTS or WTT listing:
This is a general guideline and not a necessity.
Proof Picture:
Provide a clear proof picture with your username, today’s date, and all the items you are selling or trading. Also include plenty of close up shots if you feel it is necessary. Precious metal buyers like to know exactly what they’re getting, and clear pictures will help in preventing any issues. [Imgur]( is the most popular image hosting site on /pmsforsale, and simple to use.
Payment Options: List your payment options – PayPal Goods & Services, PayPal Friends & Family, Google Wallet, Bitcoin, other cryptos, or what you’re looking for to trade.
Items For Sale or Trade:
List each item you have for sale or trade, along with the price after it, unless you’re looking for offers. If there is anything worth nothing about the item (condition, rarity, etc), put it here.
Make sure you state if your prices include shipping, or if it is separate. If separate, state how much shipping will be, and where you’ll ship to. Also mention who covers the insurance cost if you offer it.
Helpful Hint:
Printing a shipping label is easy, and cheaper through PayPal. This link to PayPal takes you directly to set up a shipping label. Anything under 13 ounces can be shipped via USPS First Class Mail with free tracking.
Thanks to spockdad, here is a wonderful video on how to securely package your items to ensure it arrives safely to the buyer!
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[Discussion] CS.DEALS now has a real money marketplace with 1% selling fees

I want to start this off with something personal, which is exceptional because I never talk about my personal life on the internet or in any way mix it with my work online. For the past 16 months my life has consisted of nothing but misfortunes, playing CS and working on the marketplace and that's why this is a big day for me and why I want to share my little story behind it. I'm not looking for pity, my story is just something I want to share as I feel it's tied to my creation. Originally I had even bigger plans and created an incredible trading engine and more for over the time period but it's to be determined if the plans are ever going to be realised. The ultimate plan will also remain a secret.
When I started KeyVendor over three years ago I've since become a fairly well known name in this scene, but people don't really know who I am, they only recognize my name and might know what I do online. I don't have social media accounts that people could follow and I don't mention to anyone what I'm up to or how I'm feeling. I'm really honored to see that people recognize me here and care about me and my goings-on, like when I got falsely VAC banned in January and people - some of whom I don't even know - supported me and defended my side without even knowing me. Valve was quick to remove the ban and that was that.
In 2017 I was happy with how I was doing with my trading sites and Keyvendor and everything was good in general. However, on the first day of 2018 everything started tumbling down, in the end turning out to be the worst year of my life, possibly for the rest of my life. Without a warning I suddenly lost my wonderful mother to a brain aneurysm. I watched from the side as she was passing out and was rushed to the hospital with little to no hope. We share the loss with my siblings, step father and my relatives and I feel the burden is also shared, which is why it wasn't as painful to me as it might've been to someone else. Then in April all my businesses went down due to the trade lock update. It was an understandable action from Valve and I know skins are a risky business and as I said I'm not asking for pity, this is life. There's much more I could add but I want to keep this short. After the update I quickly got Keyvendor back up and then I had to start working on and my other trade site to bring them back for the loyal users who were patiently waiting to trade out their balance (we also did manual withdrawals for those who asked) and to continue using the loved services. In the meantime of coding features for the trade locked items, I started to get a vision about the big plans that I mentioned, which now led to this marketplace. The trade sites were coming back together slowly but steadily, when in July my alcoholic father passed away from liver failure. He wasn't the best person and we hadn't really been in touch for a few years since moving away from him and it wasn't a huge deal, unlike my mother's case. I was left with all the paperwork related to his death and this somewhat postponed the launch of the trading sites. All these misfortunes have driven me to create this marketplace to make things better again.
Finally in October I had CS.DEALS and my other site back up and running, but turns out they only have expenses and don't make any profit at all. Ever since then I was even more determined to create the big plan to get me back to where I was in 2017: have something sustainable and something I can constantly work on to improve. I hope this marketplace will be the thing. I'm determined to make this the best thing the scene has seen since OPskins if not even better, even if won't be as appreciated as it would've been during OPSkins and non-tradelock times. From now on we will have a bigger team working on things and I won't be a one man army.

Anyway, that's the story. Let's get to the marketplace:

You can think of the service as a trade bot website and a real money skin marketplace combined. You can sell your skins for trade-balance, like you would do on an advanced trade bot, or you can sell them for real money and buy them like you would on a marketplace. You can also top up trade-balance by converting real money to trade-balance and vice versa. Currently all this is confusing but we are looking into ways to make it simpler to the user and your feedback would come in useful with that.
Initially we will support the sale of the same items as the tradebot has supported thus far: CSGO, TF2, H1Z1, Dota2 and Rust. More games will be supported as the site picks up pace. The plan is to keep all fees very low to make this THE place to sell skins. There will be a constant flow of new features and improvements based on you guys' feedback and whatever is needed. Right now the feature set is pretty lacking and the whole service might feel crude, but everything will improve very quickly.
More deposit and withdrawal options are coming in the next week or so, but right now only Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are supported. The most notable deposit options will be G2A PAY and SEPA transfers. Cashouts will work via SEPA transfer, Paypal and of course Bitcoin. The cashouts will be in Euro but we will also offer occasional USD cashouts via Paypal and bank transfer.
What I feel is really unique and good about the marketplace is the PriceDecay™ pricing method. Here the explanation for it from the website and an image to go with it:
With PriceDecay™ you can cashout your skins easier than ever, for better prices than ever. It automatically lowers the price of your item over time using an advanced algorithm. That means you won't have to keep updating the price of your item and you don't need to know the exact price of your item to sell it for good value. The item will get sold when it reaches the optimal pricepoint, without much effort at all.
If you have any feedback or confusion about the service, I would very much appreciate if you could let us know about them so it can be improved. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about anything.
I asked the mods for a permission to make this post, as always has a post made about them whenever they add a new pixel on their site. However, I never got a response so let's see how this goes.
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Guide - Trading Essentials

Technical Knowledge & Requirements
Trader Requirements
Top Exchanges For Trading
Best Options to Buy Crypto Online / Offline - Multi Ways to Buys Bitcoin
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Crypto isn't dead - 2013 to 2018

Follow up post for the post here:
Excellent post Johny_btc
Here is a chart showing the lowest point of each year so far starting from 2013:
Crypto is the opposite of dead!
Disclaimer: These are rough figures. Use at own risk.
More accurate figures can be found here:
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Implementation of acquiring in SpaceBot mobile

Crypto purchases, deposits and withdrawals are rather simple and clear processes. All of that has become possible with acquiring - an easy but indispensable function. Now it is available in Spacebot Mobile Application
Upgrades that improve the App
When Bitcoin and first altcoins first came out it was quite challenging to get them. The existing payments systems took them as outcasts, and any attempt of purchasing crypto via banks had unfortunate consequences.
But time goes by, and today many eminent banks will welcome working with cryptocurrency since its ecosystem has reached huge popularity. Now it is possible to purchase and buy crypto using credit or debit cards, cash, Paypal, remittances and even basic barter agreements.
US dollars, British pounds, euros, roubles and other hard currencies can be easily used to refill the crypto balance. But the primary benefit is that you may use any of your cards or a payment terminal for that. And it's all thanks to acquiring.
What is acquiring and what is its use for Space Bot?
Acquiring is a non-cash payment system using plastic cards, and payments via POS-terminals (traditional trading acquiring) or mPOS-terminals (mobile acquiring).
Due to the implementation of acquiring in SpaceBot mobile App, users can easily refill and withdraw funds. For that it is enough to use terminals or bank cards. The development team has applied maximum effort to make acquiring multifunctional and easy to use during the recent upgrade of SpaceBot Mobile.
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Using /r/Coins4Sale: A Brief How-To

Hello numismatists, both new and old! This sub is for buying, selling and trading your coins, bills, and numisma-related items, graded and ungraded.
If you are new here, please familiarize yourself with the information below before posting.
  1. CAVEAT EMPTOR! CAVEAT VENDITOR! – We are a community based on usernames and not much else. The mods offer no protection against fraud or ineptitude so please do your own due diligence before buying or selling.
  2. This sub is intended for private individuals selling directly to other private individuals.
  3. Title all posts with the following tags: [WTS] = Want to Sell; [WTT] = Want to Trade; [WTB] = Want to Buy
  4. After you create a post, you must wait 48 hours before posting another post of the same type. You may have a WTB and a WTS up at the same time, provided you are following the 48-hour rule for posting. Like posts made within the 48 hours will likely be removed.
  5. Feedback for transactions on /coins4sale are directed to /pmsfeedback. Users are responsible for researching any and all feedback on /pmsfeedback prior to determining how to proceed with a transaction. Please note that /pmsfeedback is run by a separate mod team and the /coins4sale mod team has no control over what is on /pmsfeedback.
  6. Complaints about someone’s items, prices, or offers will not be tolerated and will be removed.
  7. The number to the right of the username is the number of transactions that have been completed and verified by the seller here. It is a gauge only and no guarantee is implied by that number. Any attempts to abuse the user flair system will result in an immediate ban. Please see below for more information on the user flair system.
  1. Every WTS or WTT listing must include at least one photo showing all the actual items being offered for sale or trade AND a handwritten note displaying your user name and today’s date. You can include more than one verification photo if you are offering many different items. (Update 1/11/2020: For an example of how a verification photo might look, please see my stickied comment below.)
  2. Every item or group of items must have an individually listed asking price. “Make an offer,” “negotiable,” or “I’ll quote you a price” are against longstanding policy here and are not allowed.
  3. DO NOT publicize your items that are being offered on a personal dealer website, eBay, etc. You may publicize these items on /coinbay. If your post contains a link to a site besides an image hosting site (imgur preferred), it will likely get removed.
  4. Please note that while you may accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for payment, this is NOT a place to buy, sell, or trade virtual or in-game currencies. This sub is for physical coins, bills and the like.
There are no rules for WTB listings per se, but oftentimes, sellers may be pulling items out that they weren’t planning on selling right away and are doing extra work for your WTB ad only, so please be courteous to them by giving them a clear idea of what you want. The more information you can provide, the better.
Some things you may want to add to a WTB:
  1. What you want to buy (e.g. "1932 Washington Quarter")
  2. Any information about the condition you are looking for (e.g. "PCGS MS-64 or better")
  3. Your budget (e.g. "Looking to spend up to $200")
  4. How you intend to pay (e.g. "Can pay PPFF or money order")
Please do not use WTBs as a “price check” or to gauge what’s available. Sellers assume when you post a WTB that you are serious about actually buying the items.
95% of removed posts are removed for one of the following reasons:
  1. Your items are not properly verified. This is the most common removal reason. Make sure all items are shown, the date is correct, etc. A good verification photo looks something like this.
  2. You didn't wait 48 hours between posts of a similar type. 2 days ≠ 48 hours necessarily. You can theoretically post on a Sunday and the subsequent Tuesday with the posts only 26 hours apart.
  3. You have a new account and posts from new accounts sometimes need to be approved manually. Your patience is appreciated.
User flair is based on a point system issued by a bot. Only the author of the listing in which the transaction is made is allowed to trigger the bot.
The trigger phrase for the bot is:
Trade verified!
Should the bot not get triggered within 24 hours of your “Trade verified!” comment, please follow these steps:
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  2. Refresh the page, or reopen the post page (by clicking elsewhere and coming back to your post).
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  4. If the bot still does not update flair within 24 hours, please message the mods or notify bazzytangokoko directly, and provide the link of the transaction/post in question.
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  5. If you are interested in philately (stamp collecting), one of our moderators also runs /Stamps4Sale, and we invite you to go take a look and participate there too.
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[H]TF2Keys/Bitcoin and Dota2/Bitcoin Exchange bot [W]Buying and selling Arcs and TF2keys 24/7 is a 24/7 bot that exchanges bitcoin, Dota 2 Arcanas and TF2 keys! Use the power of the bitcoin network to easily receive your money. NO BANKS, NO SIGNUP, NO STUPID PAYPAL LOCK!!
TF2 Keys Bitcoin Bot:
Dota 2 Arcanas Bitcoin Bot:
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ILPT: In depth guide on how you can make a lot of money anonymously (Bitcoin)

So you've all heard of the old e-whoring and DNA scams by now, but people and corporations are already starting to crack down on them. So what do you do when these techniques become obsolete? Today I present to you: Cryptoconning! (As in cryptocurrency and con). So what is cryptoconning you may ask? Well it's a quick way to make a lot of bitcoins without them being traced back to you. I have only seen this technique used once and it *almost* got me, and I usually have a good eye for scams and the like. Cryptoconning is very easy to set up, even more so than e-whoring, as it requires no external downloads apart from a social media app/IM and a cryptowallet, although most people already have these anyway (and if you don't have a wallet set up you probably shouldn't be doing this scam anyway lol).
Alright so let me explain the general idea of this scam. It relies on some small mind tricks. You know how online games always have some kind of in game currency, or a premium currency? Well the reason they work so well is because it breaks the association between money-product and adds a barrier between them (money-currency-product). Would you rather spend 5 dollars on a cosmetic item for your character, or spend 6 dollars on 600 gems, then spend 500 of them on the item and have 100 left over to spend on other purchases. Pretty self-explanatory.
So now that we have the basis of the scam out of the way, let me show you how this is gonna work. You're going to offer someone 0.06 btc if they pay you 0.006 btc. Yeah, that's it. Well sort of, let me explain further. For those of you aren't into cryptocurrency, 0.006 btc is roughly 40 dollars as of right now, and 0.06 is 400. Now you are probably thinking I'm crazy, that people would actually fall for this type of scam, but it actually works. Going back to the mind trick idea, what do you think sounds less sketchier: "hey bro i can turn 40 dollars into 400 rn just paypal me the money" or "hey bro i can turn 0.006 btc into 0.06 rn just send the btc to my address". Mathematically, the difference between 0.06 and 0.006 sounds much smaller than 40 and 400 to us, even to those who understand cryptocurrencies, that's how this scam works. So you get your victim, give them this offer (change the prices if you want), hope they go through with it and boom, free 40 dollars. That easy.
So now that you get the gist of it, I'll write a more in depth instruction guide below, starting with a checklist for what you'll need to pull off this devious scam:
- Some kind of social media app/instant messaging app. It's better to use the more popular ones, such as Instagram and Snapchat, but you can use Kik or Skype (who?) if you want.
- Fake profile. Doesn't need to be in depth like with e-whoring, just make a simple page for your bitcoin entrepreneur with a fake name, PFP etc. Your profile doesn't even need a real person, you can go for the good old Xx_bitcoinguy69_xX if you want.
- YouTube account. You'll need this to "vouch" for yourself. You can just use your main if you want or make a quick Google account as this one doesn't even need any content.
- Crytowallet. There are plenty of good wallets out there. I use Blockchain on my phone for easy access, and it requires no ID verification.
Aaaand that's all. No extra downloads required, no "[FREE] [2019] Cryptoconning pack | Over 1200 bitcoins included!!!!!" needed!
So now that everything is set up let's get to work. The first thing you are gonna want to do is promote yourself. *Don't* promote yourself as yourself, that's just stupid. That's why we use your YouTube account to vouch for yourself in the comments of bitcoin videos. Now you may be asking, what type of video should I be looking for? And the answer is any. Really, just type bitcoin in the search box and sort by upload date. For the best results however, I would look for videos titled "how to get free bitcoins" and the like, as the type of people who will be watching those videos will be pretty desperate for money. In the comments just type something along the lines of "this is a good technique but my friend has access to a crazy mining rig. he can get you 0.06 btc in a few days message him on [social media] his name is [username].". If you want to increase your percieved authenticity, try and relate your comment to the video in some way. Yes this is more time consuming but it makes you stand out from all the bots in the comments. For example, instead of leaving the comment previously mentioned, start it like "this app is pretty cool i got 0.0002 btc in a few days. will definitely take some time but my friend already started me off etc etc etc.".
Now your first victims have begun messaging you, what next? Well the next part is similar to e-whoring, so if you are experienced in that this will be a breeze. The less questions they ask, the better. This is also a good way of seeing how desperate they are, so if you feel like you can take advantage of someone, increase the prices and the "profit". Just don't go too high, and keep the difference between the price and profit low. If they start asking questions just bullshit your way through them. "Where does the money come from?" "I have access to a mining rig in Texas", "How can you get it so fast?" "We have over 350 mining rigs, with Radeon RX 460s", "How do you make a profit out of this?" "It's not my mining rig", etc etc. When they finally ask for the money, that's when you tell them about the fee. You need a good reason for this, and by far the best one is to say that you need the money to pay for the mining rig's services. This one works like a charm. So by now you should have been able to see what kind of person they are. Friendly? Go semi high with the price and if they hesitate offer to lower it a bit. Straight forward? Go somewhere in the middle-high. Asks lots of questions? Go middle and offer to lower it a bit just for them. When you've finally got them on board all you need to do is give them your wallet address and they will send the bitcoins over. Sometimes this can take a few hours or sometimes it goes through immediately, but you should recieve it the same day. And just like that, you've made yourself a quick 30-80 dollars!
Now you don't your victim to get suspicious right away, so if the transaction hasn't gone through, tell them that it hasn't, and that you will get back to them as soon as it has. If you get it immediately, say "thanks got it" and that you've started the mining rig and it will take a couple days (be specific, don't just say "a few days", say "about 74 hours") and bid your farewell to them. At this point you can just block them but if you don't risk getting reported and your account taken down you can take it further. There's a chance that your victim will ask for progress on your mining so just give them a fake amount of bitcoins according to how long it's been since you "started it". So if you said it will take 74 hours and it's been 2 days since you scammed them, say you have mined 0.0454379 btc out of the 0.06 you agreed on. After the time period is finished come up with some excuse such as you're not allowed to use the mining rig anymore, or the owners took the bitcoins. Say you're sorry and that you returned the bitcoins they sent you and that it will probably take a few hours to send. You can even fake a screenshot of the confirmed transaction if you want, just in case they ask for proof, but at this point it's safe enough to block them.
And that's how you make 100s of dollars in bitcoins per day, completely anonymous, less hassle than other methods and less risk involved! I hope you found this useful because it took me forever to write this. Below I made a pros and cons list for a quick summary. Happy scamming! :)
Pros of cryptoconning:
- Completely anonymous, can't be traced back to you, especially if you launder it through Monero
- No downloads needed (except wallet and social media, but if you're on this sub you should probably already have those!)
- Faster than other methods, both setting up and actually executing; victims are more straight forward and willing to pay
- No need to maintain relationships with victims (also a con)
- Less risk than other money making methods (DNA is being cracked down on)
- Doesn't take up your time unlike e-whoring
- Less saturated than e-whoring
Cons of cryptoconning:
- Requires you to trade bitcoins for IRL currencies if you want to move it to PayPal/bank accounts
- Requires more promotion than other methods, can't just stick a profile on and let it do it's thing lol
- Victims are one time use, unlike e-whoring
- Bigger risk of account being banned
submitted by Csharpflat5 to IllegalLifeProTips [link] [comments]

Looking to buy trade banned accounts wich good skins

Im looking to buy an trade banned csgo account, gambling site bot accounts or any high value trade banned inventory. I can pay via:paypal, bitcoin, psc or bank transfer
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Guide to trading with /u/Crypto_Trader_Bot

Hello! This bot was created to allow easy and safe trading of PayPal for Bitcoin. This is version 1.0 and currently only allows trades of $1 at a time while testing (although this will increase in the near future). Trading with this bot is simple and is conducted over private messages. To trade follow this basic syntax:

Initiating a trade:

To initiate a trade you should send a private message beginning with '!Trade' followed by your bitcoin public address.
!Trade youraddressgoeshere 
Within minutes the bot will reply with a reference code and an email address which you should send funds to via PayPal using your chosen currency. When completing the payment, fill the comment section with your reference code.
The bot will then wait until your payment has confirmed and send $1 (plus commission stated in message from bot) worth of Bitcoin to your address using the exchange rate at the time the bot registers the payment (which may be a different exchange rate to when you sent the payment).

Reporting an issue:

If you paid the bot and haven't received your Bitcoin after 120 minutes, you should leave a comment on the issue reporting post here specifying what has went wrong and a moderator will reply and resolve your case within 48 hours.


Thank you for using my bot! If you like what I've made, feel free to leave a donation here:
I'll add a bitcoin address here later 
or if you want to contact me, leave a message beginning with '!Contact'.
Harry Robson :)
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The Manipulation of Crypto 2018, Outlined.

This entire downward trajectory and war on crypto started with Bill Gates, February 28th saying "cryptocurrency kills in a fairly directly way" in a reddit AMA. Previously Bill has been very positive on bitcoin. Microsoft has accepted it for years. It wasn't priced in psychologically as it lingered until March 7th. The day in which there was fake news about a Binance hack which never existed.
CHECK THE PRICES March we had Google banning ads MARCH 14TH. Then you had Facebook ban ads one week. YouTube the next, Twitter the next. Taking their time to suppress further and further.
Then in May we had Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Charles Munger interviewed on CNBC. Attacking relentlessly. It was one of the 1st questions in the interview with 3 very important people in finance as they asked them collectively. If you don't think this was planned, please reevaluate. Interviews with people of this magnitude have pre-written questions that are approved ahead of time. The Federal Reserve openly attacking it publicly in May. Authorities looking into "price manipulation". When the only price manipulation was the actual news about price manipulation.
May charts - The interview was May 7th.
After that it was probe "cracking down" on crypto. When they have had tools to track crypto for chain analysis for years. There's been a major piece of FUD news at least once a month for the past 7 months. Look at the charts for correlation. If you see a big dip, you will see there was FUD that day.
South Korea ban MARCH 6TH, South Korea unban, South Korea exchange raids MARCH 11TH. China reiterating their ban. India ban JULY 3RD, India unban, India ban. SEC same cycle (has been + lately). CFTC same cycle. Russia same cycle.
South Korea -
Now recently the FUD play is coming from banks. JP Morgan (has crypto patents DYOR) is bullish and might offer custodian services. The next month Dimon calls it all a scam. Same from Goldman. Same from Mastercard (has crypto patents DYOR). Same from PayPal (has crypto patents DYOR) and American Express (has crypto patents DYOR).
Mastercard CEO - July 26th.
Goldman Sachs FUD - confirmed as fake news.
September 5th -
Corrective report, it didn't matter considering it was already priced in and everyone was panicked
In addition, how many times will we be played by FUDdesk or coin-sell-graph with unnamed sources and unconfirmed reports? Or using "A NYSE trader" as a legitimate source.
Or "An IT worker" today.
How many times are we going to be this stupid? Will this ever end? Go ahead and down vote me into nothing you astro turfing, hired bots. See the bigger picture. All tactical analysis stems from news. News has been controlling the price down to get retail to sell as illustrated. As you can see, centralized institutions have seized power in this space, not surprisingly. Convince me otherwise. Thank you for reading.
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[Q]Average Cash-out losses

So, I have been considering to cash-out some skins, and have been wondering what's the average cash-out loss. What's the % of the cost of cashing out, can you guys tell me your previous experiences?
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I Coded A Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! - YouTube Paypal Selling Crypto / Bitcoin Price Bullish - YouTube Binance Trading bot  500 $ Daily  Bitcoin & Ethereum  2019 how to buy bitcoin with paypal 2019 - YouTube Make money online Crypto Trading bot  Automated trading ...

Funktionieren Bitcoin Trading Bots? Die Frage „Funktionieren Bitcoin Trading Bots?“ ist also etwas schwierig zu beantworten. Ja, sie können funktionieren, aber Sie sollten nicht erwarten, dass Trading Bots Ihnen die komplette Arbeit abnehmen können. Dazu kommt, dass Trading Bots momentan noch keine regulierten CFD Plattformen wie Plus500 ... Bitcoin Trading: Wie funktioniert der BTC Handel 2020? Es gibt ganz unterschiedliche Herangehensweisen an das Bitcoin Trading. Die einen setzten auf den manuellen Handel auf einer seriösen Plattform, die anderen übergeben das Trading lieber an denen Krypto Bot.. So oder so sollte man sich aber mit den grundlegenden Bitcoin Trading Strategien auskennen, um langfristig Gewinne einzusacken. Bitcoin Trading Roboter: Bitcoin Circuit Review- Mache Geld mit dem Krypto Trend. Kryptowährungs Trading Roboter Bitcoin Circuit Review Es gibt viele Menschen da draußen, die den üblichen Trubel satt haben. Sie stecken in langweiligen Jobs fest und haben keine oder nur geringe Chancen, auf der Karriereleiter nach oben zu kommen. Daher ist es ... Top 15 der besten Bitcoin Trading Bots im Jahr 2020 Cryptohopper. Cryptohopper ist, bei weitem, der führende Trading Bot. Zum einen ist das der erste Cloud-basierte Krypto Bot auf dem Markt, d.h. ihr Trading Robot handelt weiter, wenn der Computer ausgeschaltet ist. Viele würden behaupten, dass dies bester Bitcoin Trader ist, der zur Zeit auf dem Markt ist. Ihr Bot ist auch sehr einfach für ... Trading Bots versprechen viel Geld durch den Krypto-Handel. Wir haben die besten Bitcoin Robots verglichen und geben wichtige Handelsempfehlungen.

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I Coded A Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! - YouTube

#Python #Trading #Programming I Coded A Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! Download kite by clicking this link: How To Make a Steam Trading Bot #1 - The Basics - Duration: 11:33. GT2KING ... 16:40. TOP 3 BEST WAYS TO TRADE + SELL CSGO SKINS & KNIVES FOR CASH + PAYPAL + BITCOIN - Duration: 6:06. Lucky CSGO ... Binance Exchange is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges that offers trading in more than 45 virtual coins including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Binance Coin (BNB) Smart trade төсөл дээр оноос өмнө хүлээгдэж буй бүтээгдэхүүн үйлчилгээ: 1.VISA карт үйлчилгээ 2. Арилжааны App 3. Smart ... Day78: +133.33% in BTC. Bitcoin Live Trading With Crypto Trading Robot DeriBot on Deribit. Deribot 964 ... EARN MONEY ONLINE bot Chat channel - PayPal M PESA PROFITS, from Telegram app for PayPal ...