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Bitcoin Dies, Moldbug ventures, perhaps sometime this year. Following a broad DOJ indictment for money laundering, targeting any and everybody remotely connected with the free currency, the “BTC/USD price falls to 0 and remains there.” “[R]emains there” — how cute is that? Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Bitcoin R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. Bitcoin simulates gold, and once ‘mined’ it ... Steel-manning the bubble theory of money and bitcoin 1. Unlike a stock or a bond, which is backed by productive assets, bitcoin cannot be valued using standard discounted cash flow analysis. And since it has no intrinsic uses, it can't be valued for its contribution to various manufacturing processes, nor for its consumption value. Rather, bitcoin is a bubble. Its price is driven by a ... Moldbug Ebooks. While it is certainly possible to read Unqualified Reservations from start to finish (or to peruse the excellent if slightly outdated topical archive), the Moldbug ebooks represent the most systematic and accessible introduction to neoreactionary thought. Lightly edited and extensively annotated, the ebooks are available both for purchase and for free online. Bitcoin is a protocol standard, and everyone in our era knows how protocol standards play: winner takes all. When we define the essential characteristic of “moneyness” as overvaluation, not as currency, we see that commerce in Bitcoin has no direct relevance at all to its price. If you are spending in Bitcoin, you are not holding it. The carnage that saw stock markets like the NYSE suspending trades several times in a short space of time, showed just how vulnerable financial markets are. Bitcoin a Better Inflation Hedge. While ...

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I'm Sam! I like cars, and chickens. Check out my automotive projects, and stories. via YouTube Capture. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Skip navigation Sign in. Search Talk with John McAfee on the Trading Plex Trading Stock Markets, Forex and Crypto Live talk shows, podcasts, reviews and educational content. Discord: Here's one way to make realistic looking metal parts that are safe to use in films, or any project where safe and squishy is important. MATERIALS USED * (See...